Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to attain Para Bhakti (Divine Love)?-Part 6/6

That heart in which we were supposed to bring God, we have turned it into a dharamshala (motel) where ever body is allowed to come. But a person who wants to relish to Bliss of Divine love, will not bring anything into the heart apart from God and Guru. Listen to the concluding part of "How to attain Para Bhakti (Divine love)?

How to attain Para Bhakti (Divine Love)?-Part 5/6

जेहि हरि हरिजन ही भावे रे,
कहुँ अनत न टुक मन लावे रे,
जो उर ‘कृपालु’ हरि राखे, प्रेम रस सोई चाखे रे

The God-realized saints have Divine devotion in their hearts. That Bliss of Divine love, we get by Guru's Grace if we follow the proper procedure. So, those whose mind is fixed in God and His saints, who doesn't wish to think of anybody else and whose heart is always occupied by God and Guru can taste the nectar of Divine love.

How to attain Para Bhakti (Divine Love)?-Part 4/6

जो मधुर भाव अपनावे रे, 
यामें चारिहुँ भाव समावे रे,
जो निज सुख उर नहिं राखे, प्रेम रस सोई चाखे रे 
Our relationship with God is permanent. Worldly relationships are all temporary and based on selfishness. How to establish that eteranal relation? God says, "make it as close as you wish." It is upto us, we can look at Him as a distant king or as our own family member. You can look at Him as a child or a beloved. It is upto us, how close we wish to make it with God. You worship Him your soul beloved. In it the facility is-whenever you like you can look upon Him as your child, your friend or master or the king. But, the most important of this is, don't love Him for the sake of your own happiness. Love Him for the sake of His happiness.

How to attain Para Bhakti (Divine Love)?-Part 3/6

जो स्वर्ग नरक सम जाने रे,
जो मुक्ति पिशाचिनि माने रे, 
नहिं ऋद्धि सिद्ध उर राखे, प्रेम रस सोई चाखे

That person who considers heaven to be equal to hell; he who looks on liberation with disdain and doesn't even desire for mystic powers (riddhi and siddhi) will get Divine love.

How to attain Para Bhakti (Divine Love)?-Part 2/6

Along with the desire, the proper path must also be followed. Just like in the material realm there is a proper way of doing things; spirituality is not the matter of mental concoction. There are proper guidelines ways that need to be understood and followed. So, what is the proper path for attaining that Divine Love? Kripaluji Maharaj says in the lines of "Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhey".

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to attain Para Bhakti (Divine Love)?-Part 1/6

"Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhey" is a beautiful keertan written by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj.  Watch the explanation of the keertan by Swamiji.  Here the writer says, "those who want to taste the nectar of Divine love should abandon their wish and wish in accordance to the wish of their beloved-Shree Krishna."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stanford University-Science & Spirituality- Part 3

Nobody wants to die.  Why is this urge to live natural to the soul?  The science of spirituality teaches us that God is eternal, He is immortal, without beginning and without end, never was there a time when God didn't exist and never will there be a time when He will cease to exist.  Because, we are tiny parts of the immortal- eternal God, we too have this desire for immortality.  Watch the last part of the lecture "Science and Spirituality" at Stanford University by Swami Mukundananda, for more on the topic. 

Stanford University-Science & Spirituality-Part 2

We understand things on the basis of logic, we do not know whether our logic is correct.  But we assume it to be so and we are comfortable with it; it could be wrong.  Our assumption involves leap of faith.  So spirituality says that we are making a different assumptions. What are those assumptions that give us a general understanding of the spiritual realm?  Watch the 2nd part of the lecture "Science and spirituality" at Stanford University by Swami Mukundananda. 

Stanford University-Science & Spirituality-Part 1

Swamiji was at Stanford University on September 30th, 2011 (Friday) to deliver an enlightening talk on the topic of "Science and Spirituality". The lecture was followed by a Q&A session.