Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stanford University-Science & Spirituality- Part 3

Nobody wants to die.  Why is this urge to live natural to the soul?  The science of spirituality teaches us that God is eternal, He is immortal, without beginning and without end, never was there a time when God didn't exist and never will there be a time when He will cease to exist.  Because, we are tiny parts of the immortal- eternal God, we too have this desire for immortality.  Watch the last part of the lecture "Science and Spirituality" at Stanford University by Swami Mukundananda, for more on the topic. 


  1. Swamiji's lectures are logical, accurate and very easy to understand.

  2. Very beautiful!! Thank you for posting this divine discourse! I have come across this video and other videos of Swami Mukundananda on YouTube and they have inspired me a lot.Here is the link to One more divine discourse from Swamiji on Bhagavad Geeta

  3. Thanks for the lecture on the "Science and Spirituality." Swamiji explains that science and spirituality are not contrary to each other; but both are required sciences. Material science is required to develop spirituality. Because we have to eat, drink and interact with the real world in order to survive. We have to maintain a connection between our inner-world and the real-world.

    Both science and spirituality are the search for truth. One is the search for the truths of the physical world; the other the search for the truth of the nature of consciousness. He clearly explains how to find the peace, happiness, and contentment by understanding the core facts of spiritual science.

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  4. i liked the concept that Swami Mukundananda speaks of in this lecture---the Vedas have never viewed Science and Spirituality as opposed to each other. They have divided the knowledge in two parts--para vidya (Spiritual Science) and apara vidya (Material science).

    Another deep concept; another esoteric topic; and another beautiful explanation!

    Thank you Swami ji.

  5. He is far and he is near,
    He moves and he moves not.
    The Bhagavad Gita.

    Thank you Swami ji for your beautiful explanation about Science and Spirituality.