Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to attain Para Bhakti (Divine Love)?-Part 4/6

जो मधुर भाव अपनावे रे, 
यामें चारिहुँ भाव समावे रे,
जो निज सुख उर नहिं राखे, प्रेम रस सोई चाखे रे 
Our relationship with God is permanent. Worldly relationships are all temporary and based on selfishness. How to establish that eteranal relation? God says, "make it as close as you wish." It is upto us, we can look at Him as a distant king or as our own family member. You can look at Him as a child or a beloved. It is upto us, how close we wish to make it with God. You worship Him your soul beloved. In it the facility is-whenever you like you can look upon Him as your child, your friend or master or the king. But, the most important of this is, don't love Him for the sake of your own happiness. Love Him for the sake of His happiness.


  1. Thank you so much Swamiji for explanation about the Bhakti in detail. It was amazing and we should keep practicing it, to increase our love for God.

    I see that Jkyog spend good amount towards Charity and donations. Jkyog supports feeding the poor and also involved in free educational activities.

  2. It is very true that we should not love GOD for the sake of our own happiness. Love Him for the sake of His happiness only only and only..Wonderful lecture by Swami ji.