Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to attain Para Bhakti (Divine Love)?-Part 5/6

जेहि हरि हरिजन ही भावे रे,
कहुँ अनत न टुक मन लावे रे,
जो उर ‘कृपालु’ हरि राखे, प्रेम रस सोई चाखे रे

The God-realized saints have Divine devotion in their hearts. That Bliss of Divine love, we get by Guru's Grace if we follow the proper procedure. So, those whose mind is fixed in God and His saints, who doesn't wish to think of anybody else and whose heart is always occupied by God and Guru can taste the nectar of Divine love.


  1. The divine love of the heart
    Can only be felt.
    It cannot be revealed,
    It cannot be seen.

  2. We can conquer anything if we can stick on God's love because His love can not be conquered by anything.”