Monday, December 21, 2015

Srimad Bhagavatam [Bhagwat Katha] Part - 9

Where does Kaliyuga reside?

Parikshit was deeply touched by the conversation. Meanwhile, a very ugly man came with a staff and started breaking the one remaining leg of the bull. Parikshit was furious and started chasing him. Finally, the ugly man surrendered. The man revealed his identity as Kaliyuga. Parikshit said, "What are you doing in my kingdom? Kaliyuga doesn't have any place in my kingdom." Kaliyuga replied, “By the will of God the ages come and go and even I have to come. You have to give me some place in your kingdom. Parikshit realized that he will have to give him shelter, and so he gave Kaliyuga four places to stay.
Which were those places, watch the episode to know.

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