Sunday, December 13, 2015

Srimad Bhagavatam [Bhagwat Katha] - Part 8

One day Yudhistir found Shree Krishna in meditation.  He asked, "My Lord! the whole world meditates upon you, whom are you meditating upon?" Shree Krishna replied, "Son of Ganga, Bhishma is lying on the bed of arrows, he is waiting for the moment to leave his body and he is meditating upon me. So, as per my rule, I am meditating upon him."

Few more days went by and Yudhistir started to feel guilty about killing all his brothers and relatives in the war of Mahabharat. He started to blame himself that it was his desire to become the king that caused all the destruction. Then, Shree Krishna took him to Bhishma to learn about Dharma - the path to righteousness.

Watch the full episode to know what Bhishma told Yudhistir and other Pandavas regarding Dharma.

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