Monday, October 19, 2015

Srimad Bhagavatam [Bhagwat Katha] - Part 4

In Kaliyuga, in-auspiciousness increases. So to usher in auspiciousness, sages gat
hered in the forest of Naimish Aaranya and arranged for a Yagna. Then they requested their Guru, Sutaji Maharaj to clarify their doubts. These Shaunakadiks put 6 questions in front of Sutaji Maharaj. These questions were as follows:

1. In this age of Kali, when everybody is so disturbed, restless, agitated, miserable - what is the path to welfare (sadhan for Kalyan)?
2. We have different scriptures. What is the essence of all knowledge available in these scriptures?
3. Why did the supreme lord, Shree Krishna, descend in this world?
4. If He did take an avatar, what were His pastimes?
5. What were the other avatars of God on this planet, and what were their pastimes?
6. Where has dharma taken shelter after Lord Shree Krishna wound-up His visible pastimes?

Watch full episode for the answers of these questions and learn about the 24 avatars of God.

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