Friday, June 5, 2015

Sadhana Karu Pyare Part-8

In this episode of the series of discourses on Kripaluji Maharaj's kirtan "Sadhana Karu Pyare"(साधना करु प्यारे), Swami Mukundananda says covers these lines:
दरस हित लग एक पलहूँ, कलप सम तोहिं प्यारे ।
चर अचर में लखहु अपनो, इष्ट कहँ नित प्यारे ।
As you keep these principles (explained in previous episodes of the series), your longing for Sri Krishna will keep increasing. It should increase to the point where one moment seems like an age. Such longing will take you to Sri Krishna. In other words, deep longing for God will unite you with God. Swamiji further explains how deep should be the longing. 

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