Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sadhana Karu Pyare Part-6

Even by mistake, do not do durbhawana (ill will) anywhere. Bringing ill will in mind is as bad as developing attachment to the world. Attachment to the world comes in many form. It can come in the form of attraction or repulsion. In both cases the mind goes to the world.

Lines covered in this episode:
भूलिहूँ दुर्भावना कहुँ , हो न सपनेहुँ प्यारे ।
लखहु जनि परदोष कबहूँ, दोष निज लखु प्यारे ।
जगत ते मन को हटा कर, लगा हरि में प्यारे ।
इसी का अभ्यास पुनि पुनि, करु निरन्तर प्यारे ।

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